"Very exciting! Anxious to see what InterFACE has to offer."

- Redrock Entertainment Development, Bob Dixon

"Good idea. It will be great to see the new faces. "

- Glady's Fashion, Gladys Davidas, Director

"Amazing time saver."

- Elite Model Management: New York, Mac Folkes

"Ease of use and accessibility."

- APM Model Management, Stephanie Sarmiento, Agent

"I think it is an excellent idea because we save time searching."

- Panama Talents, Raul Cubilla, Director

"Simplifies searches. Screening is a plus."

- Full Spectrum Entertainment, Daniela Sessa, Account Executive

"Exciting to find a legit company!"

- L&M Modeling Agency, Melissa Needy, Owner

"Love online searches."

- R & L Models, Mike Lyons, Owner

"Great way of scouting new talent anytime you want."

- Bloomodels, Marta

"It depends what kind of models pictures we receive.

- World Top, Hiromi Tashiko, President

"I think a large database would be helpful to all in this industry."

- Moonstar Management, Mitchelle Zerring, East Coast Director

"This seems like a great tool to find upcoming talent and new faces! "

- Bella Agency, Erica Moran, Director

"Very interesting. Technology sounds like it could be useful. "

- Orb Model Management, Nathan Morales

"InterFACE is a great scouting tool which allows us to search through a wide range of models. "

- Modelwerk, Daniel Kulik, Scouting Director

"The most talented person in the world is hidden treasure until someone showcases them."

- Topa Productions, Pamela Phillips Oland, Co-Owner

"Good idea, can't wait to check it out!"

- Moonstar Management, Marguerite Norton


- FRM Model Management, Stephen Buokinall, Director

"It is a good first search, new format."

- ESEE Model Management, Johney, Director

"Interesting concept."

- efi, Eleanor Fulcher International, Traute Siebert, President

"Nice idea."

- Bloomodels

"Easy to access the world of talent in one location."

- Upscale Records, Manny Mijares

"Helpful and needed."

- Moonstar Management, Robbyn Navatto, CEO

"The way of the future. Makes our projects easier to cast!"

- Moonstar Management, Robbyn Navatto, CEO


- Cape London, Tuty de Sa

"Great idea!"

- Karin Models Paris, Harg, Head Booker

"I believe it's a better way to work from hometown. So you could still cater to your clients and mine as well."

- Front Management, Shirley Marceca, Manager

"Great idea!"

- Louisa Models, Sonja Ustrowski, Director

"I think it is a great idea to be able to access models' profiles through email. Very convenient. "

- Code Management, Tanni Foreman


- Caryn Models, Cindy Burke, Agent

- Vision Models LA, Tony Perkins, Scouting Director

"It could be a great casting tool. "

- M.P.M. Management, Marlene Peroutka, President/CFO

"I think that this will be great and very useful in this industry."

"I think that this will be great and very useful in this industry."

"Great idea. The sooner you expand the better! "

- PGK Men, Phillip Kearney

"Very new and fresh idea in a web-working business. Looking forward to see it develop. "

- NBP/ Action, Errikos Andreon, Scouter

"The internet is a great way to look for talent. Saves time and money on hard copy submissions, for example commercial reels. "

- Goldstar Talent Management, Ivan Martinovic

"Seems like a great idea, I'm excited to see the site."

- Ming Management, Ming Liao Tao, Owner/Director

"We look for great talent everywhere, this makes searching really handy!"

- TalentInk LA-NY, Terrie Snell, Manager

"Love this concept! Why hasn't anyone thought of this earlier? I love it!"

- Media Partners, Wendy Wilke

"More personalized, specific driven searches."

- TalentInk LA-NY, Americus Abesamis, Talent Manager

"I think that it is a good idea."

- EMP Music, Ludee Malar, Owner

"I think it's a great opportunity for us to find new models online."

- Level 1 Model Management, Johnny Quesada, Director

"I don't know how I have been working without it. Very promising. "

- Stanley Kaplan, Stanley Kaplan

"I think InterFACE will significantly reduce my research time when finding new clients."

- MP Management, Ryan Lustig, East Coast Manager

"A wonderful resource and great networking base."

- MKW Consulting, Mary Williams, CEO/Founder

"I think that InterFACE is a dynamic talent searching took for agents. "

- Slamm Model and Talent Management, Rodney Harris, President

"A great idea to find talent for busy, hectic agents."

- Commercial Talent Kids, Bill Naoum, Talent Agent

"A wonderful resource."

- A Nu Talent, Ife O'Berry, CEO

"Very useful."

- Muoio, Jose Carlos Bucci Muoio

"If I can work the MP3, it's a great idea."

- The Insider, Sue King

"Really helps to find people. "

- Cinematic Management, Jocely

"Very interesting. I can not wait to see how it works. I have tried many different databases and I am always interested in more helpful techniques."

- Elite Model Management, Victoria Duruh, Director/Scouter

"I think your company has a great service to our entertainment communities. Thank you."

- BET Blaze the Stage, Kalvin Stevens, Marketing Director


- Jodi Collins Casting, Jodi Collins


- EMP Music, Tom Malar

"Great idea for initial contact."

- RAV, Mia Suyeoka

"I think the idea of being able to view people from all around the globe is great."

- l.a. models, James Charles, Director of New Faces

"Interesting idea and hopefully useful!"

- Golden Wings Ltd., Terry

"InterFACE Pages™ is an important and ground breaking concept that will really change the way we see new talent."

- Cassiopeia Productions, INC., Cece Cline, CEO

"Great idea- provides useful information. "

- Polaris Entertainment

"I personally think it's a great idea."

- Flash Model, Michele, Booker

"Great idea. Practical. "

- Elite Model Management

"Great idea! Saves paper."

- Harmoni Kids, Gary Allegretto, Founding Director

"InterFACE is a great tool for models and agents that brings it all together at the click of a button."

- Product Model Management, Natasha Matalana, Model Agent

"Great concept, worth trying out"

- Polaris Entertainment, Nyle Brenner

"Excellent presentation and very useful. "

- Harry's Model Management

"Any new and exciting technology is very welcome in our business. We are always seeking easier ways to scout."

- Elite Model Management: Atlanta, Victoria Duruh, Director of Runway

"This is great concept for branding and positioning. Keep it up!"

- Frank Meli Management, Christina

"Great way to find new talent!"

- Discover Management, Debra Lynn, Owner

"Sounds like a good idea for agents and managers looking for talent and models. "

- Actors and Models Dispatch, Anna Deluccio, President

"I think it is wonderful for the purpose of networking and meeting new talent!"

- A Nu Talent, Kari Weeks, Kari Weeks, Manager

"I think it is wonderful for the purpose of networking and meeting new talent! "

- A Nu Talent, Kari Weeks, CEO

"I think it's a very good concept, It makes agents' jobs a lot easier. Great way to filter through talent."

- Level 1 Model Management, Stacey Armand, Booker

"I love online database! It's easier and I can search more often! "

- Passport Models, Alvin Ma, Scouter

"It's a very good idea to make strong the relationship between the "stockholders of the fashion market" and to easily find new faces."

- Ming Management, Antonion Perez, Booker


- A Nu Talent, Ife O'Berry, CEO

"It is a great way to find new talent. "

- Race Management, Elizabeth Remigio

"If you know what you are looking for it is a good system."

- Elite Model Management: Miami, Paolo Buonfante, Director of Elite Miami

"Great idea. Saves me a lot of time and I look forward to reading submissions. "

- Red Models Asia, Shane Aguanno, Director


- Elite Model Management: New York, Marcus Olazabal

"Sounds great! The logical next step in the industry."

- Magic Casting, Chrystine Urban, Casting Agent

"I appreciate a new service that gives me access to talent of which I may not ordinarily be aware."

- Barbie Block Casting, Barbie Block, Casting Director

"Fresh & innovative approach to meeting new talent!"

- L'il Angels Unlimited, Jackie Reid, Owner

"Sounds like a new way of scouting without leaving the office…GREAT! "

- Q Model Management, WalkervBrockinton / Rachel Khona


- A'Nu Talent, If O'Berry, CEO

"A wonderful resource to seek talent and exposure. "

- A Nu Talent, Ife O'Berry, CEO

"I think it is a great way to find new faces around the world. "

- Jeff Morrons Management, Frank Meli, Manager


- L'il Angels Unlimited, Jackie Reid, Owner

"Helpful in finding new talent. "

- EMP Music, Jacob, A & R

"Great idea!!! It will help wonders!!!"

- a1, Anthi Lalou, Manager

- Sky Models, Raphael de Azcarate, Manager

"Technology has entered our lives in every form & made it easier, more accessible to find & book talent! "

- Renegade Model Management, Nigel Pembroke-Sloan, Director

"An idea who's time has come. I can't wait to see all of the new talent."

- Meredith Management, Stevi Meredith, Owner

"I think it's a great concept and I am always looking for the newest in cutting edge technology. Good luck!"

- L'il Angels Unlimited, John Coady, Agent

"It seems like a great way to seek out new talent from the U.S. by the internet."

- Robin Lipph Casting, Robin Lipph

"Good idea to be informed on talent."

- POPLI, Mark Popli

"This sounds like a great idea to get to see new faces. I look forward to seeing it in action. "

- Renegade Model Management, Nigel Pembroke-Sloan, Director

"Great to find talent and have the ability to access everything fine! "

- Elite Chicago, Marissa Surmenkow, Scouter/Development

"I'm very pleased to be able to have someone sort out and do the search- What a great concept!"

- Page Management, Jean Page, Owner

"Good idea to open new areas to industry professionals. "

- Hollander Talent Group, Inc., Vivian Hollander

"Good idea."

- Ming Management, Randy Mercer

"Sounds like an advanced my space/youtube. I will check it out and may work with it. "

- Djamee Models, Djamee

"I think it is a terrific great way to find talent."

- Rousso Fisher Public Relations, Ron Scott

"It seems very helpful for casting film roles. Helps speed the process. "

- B & W Filmworks, Byrd Boyce

"Great idea! About time! Myspace for models. "

- Elite Model Management, Jose Carrubas, Scouter


- 2morrow Model, Hakan Baukan, President

"It is great!"

- Race Management, Keela Starr

"Great idea!"

Hollywood Management Company, Jake Azhar, President

"Very interesting idea!"

- Ming Management, Ming Liao Tao, Owner/Director

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